Importance Of WhatsApp Business Apk

WhatsApp is a messaging service application that everyone uses today. All of us used whatsapp to get connected to others in the past. But today, WhatsApp has more for you than WhatsApp business. Further, this is a form of WhatsApp used to do business online. Here you can get connected to your customer or can easily sell your products within seconds. So let’s discuss the importance of the WhatsApp business Apk.

WhatsApp Business app

WhatsApp business is available in more than 180 countries, so you can get an idea of how popular this application is. Also, WhatsApp business plays a vital role in the growth of your business. Additionally, you do not need to send the link to your Facebook or Instagram pages; dealing with customers is easier on the WhatsApp business Apk. In addition, it is a free platform for dealing with customers. 

Unique Features Of WhatsApp Business Which Are Different From Normal WhatsApp

WhatsApp business is different from the normal WhatsApp you have been using for ages. All features are different and unique, which helps you to promote your business. Suppose you are thinking of downloading the WhatsApp business Apk but have doubts. Then don’t worry; in this blog, I will share complete details about WhatsApp business and the importance of the WhatsApp business Apk for your business.

The main features of WhatsApp business are

  1. Advertise on Facebook
  2. Business tools
  3. Labels-

Advertise on Facebook

When you go to advertise on Facebook, it will give you 2 options.

  • Create Manage 
  • Create an ad by using your Facebook account to manage
  • Your famous product, your ads        

Other option

  • Your catalog items 
  • Photos or videos on your phone
  • Your status 

Business tools

In business tools, you will get various options to make your business run, Like

Business Profile

A business profile is the easiest option because people can see your business. In this, you will add all information related to your business like 

  • Name of your business
  • Category of business
  • Business address 
  • Opening day and hours of your business
  • Email address of your business 
  • Website (if there is any)
  • Products pictures of the business
  • About and phone number

Catalog manager

The catalog is the option where you will put some pictures of the products or services you sell. The basic purpose of creating this option is for the ease of business owners and customers. Like if you are running a restaurant or food business, you can easily put your menu here, so people do not need to text you again and again for your restaurant’s menu. 

  • Add new item 
  • Add new collection
  • All items 

These are the options for catalog manager

Cart option

A direct cart option is there, which will lead you directly to the billing area. Like whatever you want to purchase, add to the cart option, and you are good to go.

Short link 

  • Share link 
  • View QR Code (My CODE, SCAN CODE)

In short, you can create a link to your WhatsApp business for others to share. So when people click on this link, your WhatsApp will automatically open.


You can directly scan the code to access the WhatsApp business.


  • Greeting message
  • Away message
  • Quick replies
  • Labels 

Greeting message

WhatsApp business provides you the option of greeting messages, in which you can add a message to welcome your new or old costumes. If inactive, your customer will receive these messages for 14 days. A greeting message contains a welcome and a small introduction to your business.

An example of a Greeting massage.”

Hello! Welcome to GK craft; here, you will get all custom items according to your preference.”

How to set up a Greeting message

WhatsApp settings → Business settings → Greeting messages

Here you can write your greeting messages

Away messages

Away messages are also like greeting messages, but customers will get away after your working hours. Many customers message you after working hours which you usually mention on the WhatsApp business apk. When they message you, they will get a message telling them that you are currently unavailable. 

“Hello! Thank you for massaging GK craft. We are currently unavailable but will contact you soon”.

WhatsApp settings → Business settings → Away messages → Active Away messages

Quick Replies

There you will get frequently asked questions and answers. These questions are the most common like 

  • Welcome to GK craft
  • What would you like to order
  • This item is out of stock
  • Customization is available

All of these are examples of quick replies that you can set according to the preference of your business.

To select a quick reply, type your reply, put “/” after the reply, and send.


In an online business, you must take care of every application detail. To solve this problem, the WhatsApp business apk introduced a labels option. You can add any Label here. The most common Label you will get are

  • New Customer 
  • New order 
  • Pending Payments 
  • Paid
  • Order complete

Add option will give you the freedom to add other labels by yourself.

Menu button on customer inbox → choose Label → to save

Menu button on customer inbox → New Label → save

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Account

Here I will discuss the Benefits of a WhatsApp Business Account, which will help you to decide whether you want to install it or not.

  • Specifically, WhatsApp business is the fastest and most popular business application you could find on the internet or online. In addition, you can deal with your clients on WhatsApp calls and messages. You can upload your status, too, so your customer can view your products of yours.
  • Customers can reach you, and you can directly contact them. There is no third party or barrier between the chats of customer and seller.  WhatsApp business is a direct option to communicate with anyone.
  • WhatsApp chats are encrypted, and memes, your chats, and all your customer details will stay private. Likewise, all details of your business will remain secure. Overall, it means the WhatsApp business is secure to share passwords or other secret data. 
  • Pricing is also suitable because you get a free Android application or even IOS. Further, you get unique features for free. 
  •  Similarly, the first-rate component is that all enterprise capabilities are on hand at any sending extent.
  • Like easy WhatsApp, WhatsApp commercial enterprise is all loose and to be had on the play store or google play. There aren’t any expenses for this application. The features in this software do free from value. You have to pay for the advertisements promoting your business for this motive.
  • On the pinnacle of that, sending quotas passes up robotically in case you send nice content material and get excellent engagement. So your advertising and marketing efforts can be rewarded with even greater possibilities.

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