What is the new update for Android?

Android is a very common word in android mobiles, but today I will tell what Android is. Further, Android is a mobile operating system introduced to operate mobile phones in the past. When a device goes from simply running to in reality making lifestyles less complicated, Android is in the back of it. The GPS avoids visitors, the watch can text, and the Assistant can answer questions. This article is all bout the new update for Android.

As we all know, Google is working on a new update of Android, which is 14.01. All the missing features in android 13 will cover in 14.01 as per the rumors. Google does not officially release this android system, but they are up in February 2023, and the stable will be in august 2023. Many updates we want in 14 which we are lacking in 13 OS. For example, Wi-Fi toggles, Privacy control Gestures, Navigation in Apps, Icons, shapes, font sizes, and many more, we are expecting in 14.01.

Android is open to developers, designers, and tool makers. In that manner, greater humans can experiment, believe and create matters the world has never seen. In addition, Android updates its version every year and brings some changes in each update. These updates make the android system more improved for further use. 

History of android updates in past years

In 2005 the amazing history of Android began with the 1.0 version of Android. In addition, this was a very basic and common version with simple features. Further, they develop and update versions of Android every year. Yes, it is right that Android is older than iPhone. Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, but Android is much faster.

The android operating system has turned out to be the most famous mobile working system globally. It has defeated many competitors like Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm OS, web OS, and Windows Phone. Apple’s iOS is the most effective platform, nevertheless a serious competitor to Android. Unfortunately, that situation does not appear to be that it is going to exchange each time quickly.

The latest version of Android

Android is famous for bringing a new version every year. Their last update 13 was on August 15, 2022. Additionally, this is the complete and newest version of Android. The following updates are in android 13.

  • Personal 
  • Private 
  • Beyond the phone

These are the best Android 13 look and experience. Building on Material You, it is now easy to personalize apps using shade, subject, and language. Even media participants will fit non-public-tune tastes.

14.01 version of Android

After the success of android 13, google is ready to release the 14.01 version of the Android operating system. They did not release it yet but its arrival date is already out, which causes more excitement to the public. Although, this is the best time to talk about android 14. However, as we all want to keep an eye on the future happenings, all tech-savvy users could experience the developments around Android 14.

Google has maintained records of liberating its Android beta variations inside the early months of the 12 months, followed by stable releases within the fall. For example, Android 12 first developer preview surfaced online in February 2021, while its solid model launched in October 2021. Likewise, the Android 13 developer preview arrived in February 2022. Further, the stable version will release on August 15, 2022 

Ultimately, the internal leaks from Android Gerrit (thanks to XDA Developers) advise that Google has named its upcoming Android OS. Specifically, Google calls its new Android 14 the “UpsideDownCake.” Considering Google’s naming conference for Android, which usually revolves around candy dish names, it makes ideal sense to have the subsequent one because of the “UpsideDownCake” following the “SnowCone” (Android 12) and “Tiramisu” (Android 13).

Here are all the new updates for Android we are expecting from android 14

Stacked widgets on the screen

For all the previous android versions, do not miss this feature expected from google in all old android versions. Users always want to add widgets on the lock screen which they desire. All the fan and users of Android wants to get this feature in their operating systems. So we all are expecting that google will defiantly add widget lock screen updates to 14 versions of Android. 

Wi-Fi toggles 

The business enterprise merged the Wi-Fi statistics options into a unique “Internet” toggle. Not simplest is the toggle itself simple and puzzling to use. However, it also makes easy techniques, including disconnecting and reconnecting to spotty Wi-Fi networks, speedy a tribulation. We do not want this issue in android 14, so google should work on it or its improvement.

Privacy control

Most people decline a request like this when asked explicitly from the get-go; thus, many advertising companies lose access to the thwart of data they previously could rely upon. We want google to be presently running at the Privacy Sandbox, which guarantees to offer the high-quality of each world for customers and advertisers. The gadget is supposed to allow for customized ads that use a new system feature instead of doing the tracking all by themselves.

Gesture Navigation in Apps

Apple fanatics tend to paste to their gadgets because of the OS’s attractiveness, which Apple maintains jazzing up with every generation. So now, Google desires to paint on this issue, whose first step might be introducing user-friendly gesture navigation. It should reduce the warfare between the apps, presenting a greater immersive enjoyment to the users.

Icon, shapes, and font sizes

It makes feel to strip a few alternatives here as they conflict with this wallpaper-based theming. However, Google went above and beyond itself to strip away all customization alternatives, specifically icon shapes and fonts, as it turned into it.

With Material, it was now maturing and becoming extra flexible and customizable. So it decided to do away with guidance for Material You. 

It is a wrap-up

Since Google has but to launch the very last version of Android thirteen, it is honest to say we give about 12 months until we get our first glimpse of Android 14. Do not get worried that modern smartphones will now not get the bump to Android 13 or 14. Additionally, you must know about the latest version of Android. Compare all versions and expected features of 14 so you would know how it is important version 14. It is important to check our choice of the best Android phones. Here is the new update for Android. So read and enjoy!

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