what is the Difference between Google search and Yahoo search engine

If you are searching for any query or question, you will go to the various search engines. Yahoo and Google are one of them. Both search engines play a vital role in searching online. Also, you see many similarities between Google and Yahoo. But while talking about the difference, many factors differentiate both. For example, Google has a large market as compared to yahoo. Further, Google is more famous. Thus, Google is a clear winner. Now you must have doubt why? So, here I am to guide you on which search engine has more benefits yahoo r Google.

What is Yahoo?

Yahoo is one of the largest acknowledged engines like Google around the sector. Yahoo is an American business enterprise. It changed into first launched in the 1990s. Yahoo provides many other centres to its users. It’s apart from engines like the Google platform.

Services provided by Yahoo:

  •  Yahoo Mail
  •  Yahoo News
  •  Yahoo Sports
  •  Yahoo Native
  •  Yahoo Lifestyle
  • Yahoo Fiancé
  •  Yahoo Entertainment
  •  Yahoo Smart TV

Is yahoo a search engine?

A question arises in many people’s minds: “is yahoo a search engine” or a web browser? There is no need to get confused. Yes, yahoo is a search engine, not a web browser. Yahoo is a search engine, changed into very famous in beyond days. Besides a searching platform, it furnished different services to its customers. It further includes Yahoo mail. When Google entered to market, it gained more recognition than Yahoo.

What is Google?

At the same time, there are people like us devoted to virtual advertising and marketing. In this, Google offerings are a part of our daily work gear.

There is no doubt that all of Google’s offerings do associate with the Internet. Even though these days, the business enterprise has started to diversify. Your purpose has been to expand very innovative products and services.

  • Google search
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Mail
  • Google Doc
  • Google photos
  • Google map
  • YouTube

Why is Google better than other search engines?

If you have used Google for a long time as a search engine you are good to go. You would know Google is far better than other search engines. Google is better in

  • Speed
  • Results
  • Images
  • Facts

Searching for anything on Google will get various and authentic results in 0.19 seconds. Google is successful because of its developer’s hard work and high-quality results.

Searching the top 10 best search engines, you will always find Google on the top of the list amazing! Right? Google will always help you to find your queries and problem solutions.

Google vs. Yahoo:

Google vs. Yahoo both sites  try to provide you best results for your quires. You can search there when you enter the home page of the search bar. You can also feel the difference after searching. Both search engines made many changes to improve their services and quality. Google is a very famous and most important search engine you can find. Also, its simplicity made its fan following.

Yahoo has moved from being a seek engine into a web portal. As you enter their web page, you flood with all the latest news on modern occasions. In addition, you can see entertainment, sports activities, and much more.

Net worth

Both search engines work and provide results. I am here to explain what yahoo vs. Google’s net worth is.

The revenue of Google was 2.69 billion $, which increased yearly and went on 32 billion $ yearly.

The revenues were $1.58 billion for the third quarter of 2006, now reaching 300 million $ yearly.

Google vs. yahoo history:

Google’s  and Yahoo history is the same, but if you are here to know Yahoo vs. Google history, here is the answer. Yahoo started the usage of Google for search in June 2000. Over the next 4 years, it evolved its search technology. It started in 2004, using the era from its $280 million acquisition of Inktomi in 2002. In reaction to Google’s Gmail, Yahoo started to provide unlimited electronic mail storage in 2007. In 2008, the employer laid off hundreds of human beings as it struggled with opposition.

Google was launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin for searching purposes. It became the most searched and easy-to-find search engine on the Internet, Page and Brin, students at Stanford University in California. It made the search algorithm “BackRub” in 1996. 

compare and contrast google and yahoo

While searching on Yahoo and Google, you will find various results. For example, when you search Google, you will see more relevant and related results. Besides, you will see more attractions on yahoo like mail, news, sports, and other things. Designs are also different; when you search for anything on yahoo. You will find results with videos and images. Instead, on Google, you can see your result at the top of the page. Google and yahoo provided many tools and variations, but the names are different. For example, Google will give you Google Maps tools. On the other hand, Yahoo will provide you with the name of the ‘hotel finding tool.’ Besides, you can see tools for shopping. Also, these tools will give you all the shopping details plus their rates.

Final verdict:

Google and Yahoo both work differently but same in search. You can search on both to see the difference of result. In my opinion, Google is better in comparison because you get straight result. No images or videos will show extra. Yahoo still requires lot time to reach the level of Google. I am not saying yahoo is not authentic search engine but yes Google is the best.

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