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We are busy using our mobiles for all our tasks and other important work. We find various solutions on our mobile with one click. Android application is one of the categories to do that. Developers make Android applications and launch them on the android market to provide facilities. You have to open your play store and find all types of applications there. Of course, not all android applications are useful. But here I am to guide you about one very fine and useful application, Vimeo.

Sounds good?

Let’s dig into its details. Vimeo is a popular application used to make videos, live streaming and other edited templates.

Before going into any detail, first, discuss its history.

Vimeo is an android application made in November 2004 by American founders Zach Klein and Jake Lod wick. Vimeo does make for video creation and live stream. Further, Vimeo does make for sharing videos with their friends, but after sometimes it got popular. People used to love it like other video creating or sharing platforms.

Surprising features of Vimeo

Vimeo helps you improve live streaming and provides many features you must be unaware of. Let’s talk about some of the very beneficial features of Vimeo. I am here to make the decision easy for you to download Vimeo.

  • Live streaming

In today’s world, people earn from live streaming. They also love to chit-chat with their followers through live streaming. So the quality of live streaming depends on the application you are using for live streaming. You get free live streaming on Vimeo, or you can play your choice ad through the browser.

Like other social media applications, you can use chat polls and QNA secessions. These are the best method to engage your viewer’s attention. Also, through this, you can increase the audience on your live streaming. You will have complete access to your entire HD quality live stream due to various settings by Vimeo.


You can go live on your mobile, laptop, or another gadget. There is one option for previewing your old live stream so you can learn and do better next time. Customization of logo and screen is also possible through Vimeo on a live stream. No one can enter your live stream without your permission. Vimeo gives you a secure password option to save your live stream.

  • Video playing feature

If you are a person like me who loves to create unique templates of videos, then you should try the editing feature. Here you can customize your video, or should I say every second of the video. You can choose a logo or thumbnail according to your choice. Also, you can increase or decrease the speed of your video. Slow and fast, both moods are available with different variations.

If you don’t like in-between parts of your video, you can cut them all into parts and combine them. Trimming is the best option if you want to exceed the length of your video.


Vimeo’s advert-loose HDR player understands to be one of the fastest and most dependable. So Vimeo has engineered its MP4 video participant to help H.264.

Your entire target market must be able to revel in your video, regardless of what. Vimeo’s participant meets WCAG 2.0 AA requirements for accessibility. A guide for display readers, voiceover software programs, and other accessibility alternatives is here.

  • Screen recorder in Vimeo

Vimeo is very creative in the way of recording and video message recording. There is no limit to doing these features. Besides, you can record more than 2 hours of video with Vimeo. Moreover, it contains all settings like trimming, logo, and many others.

Share your mind with expertise and empathy, much like you would in character. Choose to file your display screen, camera, or each, so your message does convey as intended. If you are running a team, you can keep all recordings for guidance in team folders so the team can access that. Also, you can maintain privacy by adding passwords or limited access.

  • Security

Security is the priority of Vimeo, and there will be no compromise on it. For safety, you can always use a password or lock feature to reserve the rights to your videos and other data. A website restriction also allows you to choose the website according to you.


Vimeo’s steady platform helps you pick who can access your video before it starts porting. You can select to best percentage of your video with unique individuals and lock it with a password. While preserving you on top of who sees what.

Bottom line:

I have mentioned all features provided by vimeo which make your decision easy, whether your investment in buying Vimeo is worthy or not. Also, i have explained enough, and you can understand that Vimeo is far better for you in 2022. You can compare it to other applications. All you can get is live streaming, video creation, and other purposes.

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