Top 10 tips with laptops

 Laptops are very important in daily life either you have to do shopping or complete various tasks. At the same time, you are using a laptop daily, and many junks and unwanted files collect on your laptop. Therefore, you need Top 10 tips with laptops to make the laptop work in a better way.All these are the main reason for the distortion of your laptop. So, removing this junk on time is very important to maintain the laptop’s performance.

I will guide you through the Top 10 tips with laptops in this article. Also, you will let to know about the hidden features of the laptop. Let’s dig into the detail!

Laptop tricks

In this, I will tell you all the short and easy Windows keyboard shortcuts you can use to make your work easy. Also, you can save time too. These Windows keyboard shortcuts do only make to reduce work time and increase performance.

If you are searching for tips to take care of laptop battery, check my article on Here are some tricks to make you extra efficient in the land of computer systems. If even you consider yourself above the basics or a pc specialist, many of those tips are new and beneficial for you.

All these Windows keyboard shortcuts are basic and simple and help you improve your work quality.


While working on a laptop, sometimes we get issues. Like, our laptop got stuck, or you cannot move the touchpad. For this, you must know about the Windows keyboard shortcut. Through which you can jump to the desktop, or you can close all windows or Tab. Press Window and D together to reach the desktop.

Window + D = show desktop

Pressing it a 2d time restores your home windows to open or complete the display screen.


Many of us don’t know how to research a specific application of any software. For direct searching, type window + S. press this Windows keyboard shortcut, and you can type the application you want to open.

Window + S =direct research

Often it’s far quicker to discover a report or software by typing into the Windows seek bar. With Win + S, you ought not to take a hand off the Windows keyboard shortcuts board. Instead, use the Windows keyboard shortcuts and type what you’re trying to find.


While saving the file, you always have to choose the name for the file you are trying to same. After saving, if you want to change the name of your file, you click right on your file. Here you have to choose rename option to change the file name. But this is a long procedure; instead of doing this long process, click on F2. F2 is a quick solution for this.

F2 = Direct Rename

Control (Ctrl + L)

Suppose you cannot move your mouse or touchpad for any reason and are unwilling to highlight the address bar. Here is an easy solution for highlighting the address bar. Through Ctrl + L, You can, without delay, start typing to go to a brand new internet site.

Ctrl + L = Highlighting the address bar

Control (Ctrl + P)

In addition, you need to print out physical documents or assignments in hard copy. However, printing through the full step is very difficult. For quick printing, you have to press Ctrl + P altogether. When you press these Windows keyboard shortcuts, you get a printing box, where you can select printing and complete further procedures.

Ctrl + P = Direct printing

Shift + Del

All files are important, but you must delete some for various reasons. To clear junk, deleting files is compulsory, and all deleting files restore in to recycle bin. You can restore them anytime, but there is no issue with restoring the file. Here are we to search how to delete. Press Shift + Del to delete the file.

Shift + Del (Delete) = Quick delete

You will find various Windows keyboard shortcuts to help you. You do not need to pick a mouse if you know of them.

Hidden features of Windows 11

Window 11 introduced many new features to improve its quality. But most, it updated its taskbar with various icons and choices. So let’s discuss all these hidden features of a laptop with Windows 11. It also includes Top 10 tips with laptops.

Weather information in the taskbar

Of the best-improved feature of Windows 11 is its weather widget. You can see this on the right side of the taskbar. Here you will see authentic information about the weather. It will show cloudy, rainy, and sunny all types of weather. Yet, all weather information you will see according to your location. You can change the details and location by clicking on it.

Voice typing

Voice typing is a unique feature in the taskbar. Through this, you do not need to type anything. Instead, you can speak and will complete the task. There is a Windows keyboard shortcut for doing this. Moreover, press Window + H, where you can see voice typing.

Window + H =voice typing

Further, few people are using this tool, or some of them are not aware of this tool. Now, talk out something you need to be kind. It will as it should transcribe your speech, that too with correct punctuation. We have already written a guide on using voice typing in Windows eleven, so undergo our guide for specified instructions.

Application stores for android

I have good news for you if you are the one living in the US and need to download apps on your laptop. All you need is Windows 11 and android app support. As Android app has done an alliance with Microsoft on windows 11.

Hidden context menu

In window 11, you can’t see the context menu because it does hide in the new version of Microsoft. So instead, here show more options that double click. Besides, you can use the keyboard shortcut.

Use the “Shift + F10” keyboard shortcut to open the old characteristic then, wealthy right-click on the context menu on Windows 11.

Bottom line

More, the laptop has various tips and tricks to make working easy. Also, you can adopt these Top 10 tips with laptops to increase your performance. Above, you can see small shortcut keys that will help you to do everything on the keyboard. It also reduces the use of a mouse or touchpad. The remaining part has hidden features that do not hide anymore. If you have more questions, you can ask in the comment section.

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