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Toonly|A Complete Guide To Video Editing Software

If you love to edit or your work demand editing videos, then you must consider Toonly as your video editing tool. It provides you with a huge range of editing and different features to complete your required editing. You can use these videos to earn money or can complete your college projects. So don’t go to professionals again and again; instead, use Toonly and save your money. Let’s discuss why you need to install Toonly on your android phone as video editor.

Toonly is famous in the market among many editing tools you find online. However, you do not need to pay money to buy its premium and VIP visions; instead, go for a free one.

Importance of Toonly

If you are curious why you should install Toonly, let me tell you while installing Toonly, you can create amazing animation as a business too. You can create funny videos, GIFs, and other animations for entertainment and business purposes.

Further, if you are a small businessman, you should go for Toonly because you will get everything for free instead of paying a huge amount to the editors in the market. Bloggers can also take help from Toonly and edit their content to get the attention of their subscribers. It will increase the interest of the audience and can get more subscribers.

As a freelancer, you can create Gigs on fiver. Also, you can make different videos to attract people to your accounts. I have also gained help from Toonly as a teacher, using this software to guide my students. I provide my lectures to my students, and I edit all of them on Toonly.

Features of Toonly

After installing Toonly, you will get amazing features that will enhance the beauty of your videos. All these features are very easy to use and helpful for you in editing and video making.

Characters in Toonly

While using Toonly, you will get the option of characters that you can use while editing or making. Here you will get super hero, constructors, and ethnicities; further, you can create your characters.


While editing videos, you will get backgrounds related to the sea, beaches, chairs, seashells, gardens, and many more. Here you will also get many colors that you can add to your background to enhance the quality of the picture. Green, red, black, and many other colors are available on the application.

Add props, objects, and all other items in your videos, editing, and animations.


Many of us want to add text to our videos and animations, so if you are one of them, you can use the text-adding option. Further, you will get 3 to 5 text options. Type anything you want anywhere in your videos. Use bold options, language type, style, and size of the text. The font color option is also available in the Toonly.

Zooming option

A zooming option for the camera is available, which will enhance the camera’s beauty and effect. You can easily do left, right up, down, and pan the camera you are using. It means you do not need expensive or advanced mobile phones to make videos, and you can use Toonly for free.

Video resolutions and file formats

Video resolution is the main concern of any video editor, so in Toonly, you do not need to worry about video resolution. Quality levels are also available

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High

480p, 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k

 The file format is there, 

MP4, OGG, WebM, MKVk

Note: you can directly import or export videos to the gallery and social networking sites for views.

Voice over

If you are making cooking videos or a content creator, you know video making is tough with voice. Toonly is also best for beginners who newly start making content online. What you have to do Is to choose your video, start recording and use your voice. You can also use your voice in animation videos to give funny effects.


You can take help from the Toonly directly or can take tutorials too.

You will get

  • Tutorial videos
  • Live chat options
  • Email support
How to install Toonly

Go to google play store and type Toonly on the search bar. Here I have mentioned the picture of the app, which you need to notice before downloading.


Click on the download option and wait until you get the complete downloaded application.

After downloading, open the app and click on the signup/login option.

Now fill out the signup, and type your email, phone number, and other information on the form.

After filling out the signup, you can make videos and animations easily.

You will also get premium and VIP features, so use them and enhance your video editing.

How to use Toonly

After downloading, you can edit the videos easily with a few steps, so I have mentioned the steps here.

Open the application and drag the images or videos you want to edit.

Now you can add songs, images, text, and another background editing in the videos.

Adjust the video right side or left side according to your preferences.

Further, you can add intervals to your video.

Pros of using Toonly
  1. You will get editing tutorials in a total of 12 to 13
  2. Video resolution is available, so choose according to your content
  3. Text formats are given while editing
  4. You can share the video with the gallery or on social media sites
  5. You can download it to android, iPhone, mac, or window
  6. Further, use drag and drop option to edit the video
Bottom line

Toonly is a famous android application for animations, video making, and editing. All the features are unique and up to the mark. You have to install the app and start the editing procedure. At the same time, the best feature of Toonly is its library, and you will find everything you need for video editing. You can use these videos to earn money or can complete your college projects. Don’t go to professionals again and again; instead, use Toonly and save your money. Through the export option, send your data to the gallery. So what are you waiting for? Go and download the application.

Best of luck for small business owners!

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