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Daily, we have to search for everything online through the internet or search engine. To maintain all this, developers try to provide us with the best and fastest search engines. Startpage is the most private and safest browser for searching anything. Firefox is one of them, which is usually famous for giving you the best results for your query.

As time passed, the start page and Firefox team improved their features. Moreover, they improved other services to give us quality results. But, unfortunately, you have to use both to experience good search quality results.


If you are searching any browser for your query, privacy is your first priority. You can consider Startpage in this list.

Startpage is important for not keeping people’s id addresses. Besides their search queries. The developer also claims that their users are unknown to them. So hey, do not track or keep any record of them. They also claim that if you search anything, it will show Anonymous on their web.

All the features you will get while using are like Google, also maintaining your privacy. According to its literature, the business has been profitable considering 2004. Look, we do not envy companies seeking to make earnings. Capitalism makes the sector go around.

Features of Startpage browser

  1. The best functions of Startpage are that all your searches on Startpage do encrypt by HTTPS. The encryption protects you in opposition to basic net snooping.
  2. There is no way for someone to track connection to look at what you have been searching for clicking on.
  3. Unless you’re opposed to facts, Startpage is a valid search engine. Yet, it offers some distance and extra consumer privatizes.
  4. You can see all the weather reports too, like, the weather is too hot or cold and many others. Not only the weather but also related to currency, translator, and dictionary.
  5. Further, the quality will be great and sharp when you search for images or videos.

Pros of Startpage browser

  1. There will be no search history while searching in the Startpage browser.
  2. No retargeting commercials based on prior searches and surfing history.
  3. You can decrease your digital footprint and what Big Tech is aware of approximately you.
  4. Avoid higher prices and fee trackers concentrated on your location, device, and history.
  5. Receive goal, unprofaned information, and search consequences.
  6. The peace of mind you seek best acknowledges you.

Firefox browser

With those thoughts, I would like to guide you about the developer’s trade this year. Also, spotlight how they make each model of Firefox quicker than the final. Firefox is the fastest browser. So it is with all the search qualities you demand your problems.

I agree that Firefox is the first-class browser you may download these days. But, of course, now it’s not without flaws. The developer Mozilla is here to help its users’ privacy. Further, growing gear stops 3rd parties from monitoring you around the web.

This weblog post does set as one of those enhancements.

While talking about the past, Firefox was not that much powerful. It was fast in 2019, but 2021 and 2022 are great years for Firefox’s revolution. You can see many unique and new features in the current and updated version. Security is also increasing day by day.

Firefox in 2019 vs. 2022

Firefox brings its new and updated version. Almost every year, which makes it the best browser among many? I am here to guide you about the many changes Firefox has brought in these years.

  1. You can update or change the homepage of Firefox; here, users can do all these things.
  2. You can do both Collapses or make bigger sections according to your requirements
  3. Let me tell you that you can Pin and unpin Top Sites to their positions
  4. Add or put off search engines or browsers from their Top Sites
  5. Change the number of rows inside the Top Sites and Recommended by using Pocket sections

We additionally knew that approximately.

Here you can see that this mission could be an amazing opportunity to finish a task—it (and mothballed) 12 months or so earlier.

Improved features

If the image is lazy, it will download in the same fastest mood due to its lazy image loading standard.

Yet, a few websites can enhance web page load by more than 67%.

How to add Startpage to your firefox mobile browser:

Here I will guide you on how to add Startpage to your firefox mobile browser for more good results. The procedure is very easy and contains small steps, so you must follow them.

  1. First, go to the startup browser on your mobile; here, you will see 3 dots on your very right side.
  2. On the Tap, there are many options; you will see the setting button.
  3. In the setting, you can see an account that goes to General.
  4. In General, click on the search option.
  5. There are default search engines, so choose to Add a search engine
  6. Fill with two fields and tap on the check mark
  7. Use search engine: Startpage browser
  8. The link is: https://www.startpage.com/sp/search?query=%s
  9. You will now see the Startpage icon on the search
  10. And you are good to go.


Startpage and Firefox are both different browsers providing various searching queries. Both have many features and properties to solve your problems. Startpage is famous for its privacy features. Firefox is best for its fastest services. Also, you can add Startpage to your firefox mobile browser and vice versa. I hope this guide will help you find your best between these two. Choose according to your need and enjoy!

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