Fixing Second Hand iPhone Problems at a Phone Repair Store

If you are in the market for old iPhones, you probably already know that various problems have plagued each generation of iPhones. When acquiring these items from a secondhand iPhone vendor, you must understand the many complications that may arise. Most of the typical issues with iPhones may be fixed at a reasonable price. When purchasing used iPhones from a phone repair store, one must be aware of the problems that might arise with these devices.

Some Common iPhone Problems and Their Fixes at a Phone Repair Store:

Here are some of the standard iPhone issues and their solutions given by phone repair stores;

  1. Poor battery:

The battery should be the first item you inspect when shopping for a used iPhone. The iPhone’s battery has the same lifespan as any other lithium battery. The battery life of an iPhone decreases with age. The battery life of used iPhones is typically shorter than that of brand-new ones. Yet, some older iPhones might experience quick battery drain problems, particularly following installing specific iOS updates. This can result in a battery life of 80% being reduced to 20% in a short amount of time. Apple has acknowledged that aged iPhone batteries will cause the device to slow down automatically.


Start by installing the latest iOS version. Swapping out the battery is an easy and quick fix if it doesn’t work. Try contacting a cell phone repair store for this fix.

  1. Unresponsive touch ID:

Used iPhones can experience problems with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. These problems typically last a while and can be resolved by installing the latest software upgrades. However, just like with battery problems, this is only sometimes effective.


It’s important to remember that Touch ID might be delicate. To wipe down the Touch ID sensor, use a microfiber towel. This will let you clean the reader of any dirt or particles preventing it from functioning correctly.

Touch ID on a pre-owned iPhone works best when the finger is pushed against the reader. Hold your finger in place for many seconds and see the reader’s reaction.

Visit the Most Experienced Cell Mechanics in Oceanside at iDevice Pros:

Whom you buy iPhones from will determine the standard of your available inventory. You won’t have any problems if you visit a phone repair store with a good reputation. If you are interested in obtaining cell phones, we strongly suggest you collaborate with a market-leading iPhone provider with a well-documented grading and review procedure. You may easily procure iPhones that live up to or even exceed your standards if you take the time to choose your provider with care. In addition, you can steer clear of purchasing an iPhone with a charging difficulty or other concerns of a similar nature.

You should try contacting iDevice Pros at Oceanside if you are having issues with your phone and require the assistance of a trained specialist. We assist customers in both the purchasing and repairing of iPhones. Therefore, do not tarry any longer; bring your iPhone in as soon as possible to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a frozen iPhone be fixed?

To force start a stuck iPhone, press and hold the sleep/wake button (or volume down button, on newer generations) and the home button (or power button, on older models) for ten seconds. When that doesn’t work, you can perform a hard reset by pressing the power and volume down buttons until the Apple logo shows, which should take around 10 seconds. If you have tried these solutions and they have not worked, you might be required to restore your iPhone using iTunes or visit an Apple retail or service location for assistance.

Why isn’t my iPhone charging?

There could be a few things wrong if your iPhone isn’t charging. Ensure the device’s charging cord is firmly connected to the device and the wall outlet. Employing a different cable is recommended if the current one shows signs of deterioration or fraying. Verify that the electrical adapter or USB port is connected and producing power. If the issue remains after a cell phone restart, attempt to clean the charging connector with a small, soft-bristled brush. When none of these solutions work, it’s possible that the battery on your device or charging port is broken, and you’ll need to have it looked at by an expert at a cell phone repair center. 

Can I recover deleted files on an iPhone?

Images, connections, and conversations you erase on your iPhone by mistake may be retrievable from an iCloud or iTunes restore. If you’ve allowed automated backups, your mobile device may have made a copy of your information in previous times. Head to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage to see if a document exists. You may restore your iPhone by connecting it to iTunes or using the “Restore from iCloud Backup” feature in the iPhone’s settings. Without a backup, you might have to purchase software for data recovery or hire an expert at Apple repair in Oceanside. 

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