Seven Sirius Benjamin Famous Because Of His Father

Seven Sirius Benjamin Who Is Famous Because Of His FatherMoreover, the entertainment industry is very wide, and it has many stars. Some build their carer on their own, and some are called star kids. Because they are famous because of their parents, today I will tell you about seven Sirius Benjamin. Who is famous for his parents but not for his achievements.

Birth And Childhood Of Seven Sirius Benjamin

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on November 18, 1997, in the united state of America. Technically, he is 25 years old and will be 26 soon. Also, the nationality of seven Sirius is American, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. Further, his birth religion is still unknown. But knowing about his ethnicity, he is African American.

His height is 5 feet and 9 inches, and his skin color is dark brown due to African American nationality. His hair color is brown, and he has a very attractive personality compared to other star kids.

Seven Sirius Benjamin

NameSeven Siriu Benjamin
Date of birthNovember 18, 1997
Zodiac signscorpion
Skin colorDark brown
Marital statusN/A
Siblings2 step sisters

Family History Of Seven Sirius Benjamin 

The father’s name Seven Sirius Benjamin is Andre Lauren Benjamin, and his mother’s name is Erica Abi Wright. His father is a famous actor, singer, and rapper. In short, he is multi-talented and very famous among youth too. He is famous because of his father. But his parents are not together anymore. Also, they both lived separately and stayed happy. So seven Sirius is also a part of the news and is very famous.

Siblings of Seven Sirius Benjamin Are His Step Sisters

Seven Sirius is the only kid of his parents because, after his birth, both parents divorced. But he has step-siblings, and these are 

  1. Puma Sabti curry
  2. Mars Merkaba Thetford

Puma sabti is also a rapper, and he is the daughter of sevens mother with her second husband. She is also very famous due to her rapping in America. Moreover, she is 18 years old. On the other side, Mars Merkaba was born in June 2019, and her current age is 13.                                                                                 

The net worth of Seven Sirius Benjamin

Seven Sirius Benjamin is famous and rich also. In addition, his monthly earnings are not disclosed because of privacy issues, but according to resources, his net worth is 5 million. All of these are because of his parents, and his total net worth is 5 M$.

Education of Seven Sirius Benjamin

The education of seven Sirius is also not disclosed yet. But once, his mother tweeted on Twitter that his son got admission to their favorite college. Also, she also describes that his sons love to study art, science, and psychology. 

Looks of seven Seven Sirius Benjamin

You’d be surprised to understand that the “Love of My Life” artist’s son resembles a lot to his father, Andre 3000. Further, the mom of 3, Erykah, uploaded a video on her Instagram ultimate month, featuring her eldest baby, Seven. Additionally, we are surprised that he resembles each little bit of his bodily tendencies to his daddy. Plus, his voice is likewise extra, just like his father’s. What a cute issue to witness!

As we can see inside the video, Benjamin Jr. Is using after his mamma and is attentive to Lil Yachty’s music. Fans could not believe the stunning resemblance Seven had to his daddy. Also, the submission turned into showered with feedback which included “Looks much like 3stacks” and “He looks and sounds similar to his dad.”

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