Seasonal holidays

Everyone loves holidays because in holidays people can rest and enjoy other vacations. Holidays came and went every year. Seasonal holidays are when you will get holidays in seasons. In the holidays you can celebrate. Seasonal holidays are the best, and here I will mention some best seasonal holidays.

On seasonal holidays people come together and enjoy the festival with great joy and energy. There are many seasonal holidays like Hanukkah, thanksgiving, Eid-ul-fitra, and many more.


  • Hanukkah is a very famous seasonal celebration that also mentions the holy book of the Bible. It does also mention in Torah, but it is more like a political celebration.
  • On Hanukkah, people give gifts, candles, and other gifts people. Some people also do charity to the poor to celebrate Hanukkah.
  • Through these gifts and charity, they thanks the people who help them for an entire year. It is also best to celebrate heritage.
  • People celebrate Hanukkah for eight days usually and celebrate like Diwali.


  • Christmas is a very famous celebration of the year. It is basically to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. During this time, families get together, exchanging gifts or money with other.
  • Many people also accept the mistake of their past and make new resolutions. People do celebrate Christmas every year on 25th December.
  • There is a holiday on 25th September, and christens celebrate this day like the Eid of Muslims. Further, this is the time to take care of the needy.
  • It is best to give money to the poor to that day.

Eid-ul –Fitr

  • Eid-ul-fitra is a Muslim celebration, and only Muslims celebrate this event. These people celebrate at the end of Ramadan. Muslims consider this as a gift of Ramadan.
  • It usually celebrates to feed people so they can also enjoy good food and clothes in the year. It is the best time to do donations.
  • On Eid-ul-fitra, people give Fitrana to poor people. Also, elders give some money or gifts to kids as the name of eidi.
  • Muslims do get-together and enjoy food together for the entire day. All these celebrations go for three days, called Eid’s first day, second day, and the third day.
  • They get ready each day, wear new clothes, eat sweets, and perform Eid prayer to thank God for all the blessings.


  • Diwali is an event celebrated by Hindus, which shows the win of good over evil or bad. They mostly do lightening, firework decoration and wear new clothes.
  • Hindus consider this celebration very important because one of their goddesses, Lakshmi, visits everyone’s house to give them money and wealth.
  • They Thank God for the past year’s good things and pray for the best future. They clean and decorate their homes for Lakshmi’s visit.
  • Hindus exchange gifts and money to celebrate Diwali.


  • Eid-ul-Adha is also a Muslim festival in which they celebrate the sacrifice of Hazrat Abraham. He was about to sacrifice his son for Allah, but Allah stopped him and sent Goat for the sacrifice.
  • To remember his courage, people sacrifice Goat, cows, and many other animals yearly on Adha. Therefore, it is very important to distribute beef and mutton to the poor.
  • Also, this is the best time to give poor food so they can enjoy the good food they don’t usually get.
  • Gifts do also give to the terrible and needy to help them during the holiday season. The meat from the sacrificed animals normally distributes to the terrible and needy.


  • Thanksgiving is the most famous holiday in the united state. Many countries like caneda and London celebrate this seasonal holiday every year.
  • In this, people come together, make food and eat all of this food together to enjoy. They all talk to each other for the entire year and love each other.
  • Also, they thank God for the blessing of the past and pray for upcoming prayers. Finally, most people make sweets, pies, and other dishes to celebrate this day.
  • This is a day we need to celebrate with family and friends.


  • It is a famous festival celebrated in many countries with great love and effort. People wear costumes and celebrate every year.
  • They do parties, dance, and do many acts after wearing the costume. Also, they celebrate their heritage and culture in this festival.
  • It is good to enjoy these days, further friends and family also get together this day. As we have fun, we often consider the year that has exceeded and what we hope to attain in the coming year.
  • For many, Carnaval is a time to mirror their history and subculture. It is a time to return together and rejoice in the matters that make us unique.

All these festivals are just to enjoy with family and friends. They enjoy these days and stay connected. Thanks to each other and God for all the blessings.

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