Robin Hood | A mystery or myth?

Robin Hood is an English folk character. He used to live in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. Some people thought Robin Hood was a mystery. Some consider him a myth, but there is no specific thing like this you will find on the internet. Robin Hood is 700 years old, and its history is very wide. However, in the 13 century, people believed that one person named “Robehods” became the hero of many people there.

History of Robin Hood

He was from England, and at that time, people were very poor because the taxation system was very bad. So Christians commenced appearing outperforms where they personified him. They believed that his task to dispose of wealth disparity inside the region of Nottinghamshire had nearly non secular importance.

Remember that history of him is not the same on the internet because it changes after so many years. Robin became the Godfather of the poor, and if I have to explain this in simple lines so I can say

Robin Hood took money from the rich and gave them to poor

He is real or not? 

If you are here to search either Robin Hood is real or fake, I am sorry to burst your bubble because there is no authentic answer you will get here or anywhere else. It’s like people believing in their God. 

In the 1500s, John Major recommended that he is one of all King Richard’s maximum dependent on foot soldiers, which is commonplace in his contemporary diversifications. Even the Disney caricature picked up this element.

­­­­­­­people usually talk about robin like they are talking about the pretrial prophet. This is because they strongly believe that robin is a real story and many people still believe that when there is more injustice, robin will come to help the poor.

Do understand that Robin stories changes, and you will not get 100 percent clarity on the stories. Some so many filmmakers make movies about Robin where they show the kindness of Robin Hood for the poor, but all these stories are also based on fiction. So if you want to believe in the movies, you can. 

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