Repair the Liquid Damaged Mobile Phone at Mobile Repair Shop

Your mobile phone technicians often fix the water damaged device on regular basis, and they know how to repair your device. However, sometimes the water damaged can increase the risks for further damage of other components whether this incident occur accidentally or deliberately. Sometimes you can’t repair your water damaged device at home and prefer to get help from the mobile repair shop. It is one of the most time consuming tasks and demands a complete attention. If you are new who are experiencing such incidents first time in your life, and have no idea on how to fix the issue quickly, this blogpost is for you.  

A Complete Guide for Restoring the Water Damaged Mobile Phone By phone repair Durango, CO, 

Here are some of the most important tips for saving your device from the big water damaged disasters by the mobile repair shop technicians. Let’s discuss them step by step:  

1. Remove the All Removable Parts:

If you want to save your device from any further damage, you should take every step carefully. You must remove the battery from your device and SIM card before taking any serious action. It is the best ways for securing your device at home before getting help from the technicians at phone repair Durango, CO..

2. Disassemble the Main Board:

If you want to repair your device at home, you must remove the motherboard for getting all the internal components, for instance, battery. If you start the repairing process without any precautionary measures, you can lose your device. 

3. Open Up the Device:

However, opening up your device always allows you to get access to its internal components easily and safely. It is the most important step where you can easily remove water from your device quickly. 

4. Go for the Factory Reset 

This might be a final option for you because it can delet the entire information and data of your device. But if you don’t want to make this big mistake, you can visit the cell phone repair center for saving your device and the entire information of your smartphone. It is good to keep a backup of your data in the device before stepping in to the repair shop. 

 Where Should You Go for Fixing the Damaged Phone? 

If your device get some technical issue due to the water damaged and you are probably finding the best place for repairing it, right? You don’t need to be worried, I got your back. The technicians at the Tech Nichol are highly expert and have a vast experience for repairing your water-damaged device. Only you need to follow the complete instructions from the experts and keep focusing on the improvements of your device. 


These are the important points on how to repair your water damaged device at home without getting help from the technicians at phone repair Durango, CO. If you don’t get the relevant results as per your expectations, you can approach the experts at the mobile repair shop where you will get satisfactory and quality repair services. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How I Can Repair My Water-Damaged Smartphone?

If you want to repair your water-damaged mobile phone at home, you should keep it in the silicon gel packs and bury it. Also, avoid checking your device for a day or for 48 hours. If it is completely dry after leaving it for a day or 48 hours, you can turn it on and charge your device.  

What Should I Do When My Phone Slips Into Water?

The first thing you should do is to keep your phone in the dry rice into a jar or in a plastic bag. Now, put the rice bag into a container and place it in a very dry area of your home. You can also use the porridge or silicon gel for drying the water particles from your device.  

How Much Time My Phone Will Take for Drying?

Your mobile phone will take 24 hours to 48 hours for drying the water particles. You should not turn it on until it completely dries the water. If you turn on your phone when it is wet, there are more chances for the electrical current. 

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