Our website contains unique and original content, making technix very important to us. Please do understand the information we are providing you online on technix. Whenever you visit or open our website, we take some of your completely legal and authentic information. We are not allowed to share your information with anyone. 

Log File Data 

The log file is a very important part of our website like other websites. Here we keep some of your personal information like your email address, Ip address, name, and what you search on our website. The Last part is only to keep an eye on what is your demand from technix so we can improve our content and information. 


cookies work as a small software on technix, which helps us store your data or preferences you make on technix. We also record all your visits whenever you visit our websites. We use this for our improvement and other factors. We track your interest, your visits, and your click too. Your suggestions are very precious to us, remember that.

  • We can only collect your personal information on our blogs or articles. Yes, many of our content requires your sign-in to read or visit them
  • we do not share any of your personal or private information with others. We are very strict about our privacies. As we made this website to help you and to give you information about all aspects of life like technology, health, lifestyle, fashion, and many more.

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