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Keyword Tips For Ranking With Cell Phone Repair Digital Marketing

The most common advice you must have heard from others is “Do a killer keyword research and drive as much traffic as you can handle,” but why? What is the need for keyword research, and what role does it play in expanding a mobile repair business?

Whether you want to optimize a website, drive traffic or promote your product, the right keyword can do wonders for your business. Search engines rank your website based on the content, when you implement the right keywords in the website text that flows naturally, provides information that adds value, and resonates with your audience it gets ranked. Let’s find out how to succeed in cell phone repair digital marketing keyword research that helps your business drive traffic. 

Table of Content

  • Main Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Broad Keywords
  • Geo targeted keywords
  • Related keywords
  • User-intent keywords

6 Types of Keywords To Target Cell Phone Repair Digital Marketing Audience

Keywords work as a clue between your audience and you to connect them with your services. With the right execution, you become discoverable to the audience and meet their needs.

  1. Main Keywords

Main keywords are similar to broad keywords but specifically talk about your services. Suppose you offer a web development service and your broader niche is marketing; people will come to you as soon as they type web development if you have implemented the keyword.

Main keywords are critical to your content when you want someone to utilize your specific services. They also help rank your services on Search Engines, so your website pages pull up on their screen whenever they type a keyword to find the best marketing services near them.

  1. Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are known as less competitive traffic-driven keywords. Long-tail keyword consists of 3-4 words that add up naturally in your content for targeting. These keywords specify qualities such as cheap, affordable, best and many more.

Most of the time, searchers often type a specific long-tail keyword on search engines to find the services, and long-tail keywords drive them to your website or service page. Long-tail keywords work great for SEO optimization and filter your audience for better targeting. If you have executed it properly, it can do wonders for conversions and traffic searching for you.

  1. Broad Keywords

Marketers confuse main and broad keywords because they seem similar in structure. However, broad keywords are different from the main keyword in function and essential to include in your content as the first step to effective targeting. To pick up the best broad keywords for targeting, the cell phone repair digital marketing agency you have opted for must have an in-depth understanding of them.

Broad keywords are popular for targeting as they have a high search volume and are not easy to implement to achieve SEO goals. It targets your overall industry; for example, if you are a digital marketing company, your broad keywords will be

  • Digital marketing company
  • Digital marketing services
  • Digital marketing agency

4. Geo-Targeted Keywords

Local SEO is extremely important for your business because it targets people living near your business location and looking out for your services. Geo-targeted keywords power your local SEO to serve customers within your region and bring them to your mobile repair shop.

A geo-targeted keyword is a combination of broad, long-tail, main and related keywords with the addition of location. It helps Search Engines identify which area you are targeting to initiate sales. If you are living somewhere in New York, it can target the whole city and a specific area like:

  • Digital marketing services in New York
  • Digital marketing services near me
  • Digital marketing companies in Brooklyn

5. Related Keywords

Related keywords may not be critical for business, but they should be used if you can. They are responsible for filtering your audience by targeting specific services. Related keywords have the potential to drive traffic, but as they have low search volume, marketers often exclude them from the marketing plan. If you are a digital marketing company, your related keyword will look like

  • Content marketing services
  • Digital Advertising services
  • Cell Phone Repair Web Design Company

6. User-Intent Keywords

Voice search has become one of the important factors in ranking your website because more and more users are speaking out their questions on search engines. User-intent keywords are questions asked by a high volume of users online.

You target the audience with that specific question mostly through voice search and create content that revolves around that question. User-intent phrases/keywords must be relevant to your industry and content to engage your audience.

If you have first-hand knowledge about keyword execution, it can do wonders for your business.You will be able to attract and close more deals by exceeding sales goals. An experienced Cell Phone Repair Digital Marketing agency can help you implement the correct keywords at the right place to drive traffic and lead to your mobile repair shop  generating good revenue.

Now let’s move onto the frequently asked questions section to help you understand why a killer keyword is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should I find organic keywords to drive more traffic?

Keyword research is not an easy task when you want to have maximum traffic to your business. You must know what competitive keywords will drive your company and make it hard to attract customers. You can use Google Analytics to find competitive keywords or take help from a cell phone repair digital marketing agency.

  1. Why are generic keywords important?

Generic keywords are important to execute as they describe your product or services. If someone searches for your services without typing a specific brand, generic keywords drive them to your website.

  1. How to craft a powerful keyword strategy?

A powerful keyword strategy is responsible for driving maximum traffic to your website. To make a perfect strategy, you need to

Understand your target audience

Use the right tool for research

Refine content

Track your success

  1. How should I find the best traffic keywords for cell phone repair digital marketing?

Mostly when professionals conduct keyword research, they use paid tools which help them execute the most traffic-driven keywords. Also, they keep an eye on their competitor’s strategies for the best outcome.

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