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New updates on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very basic and important part of our daily life communication process. Today, WhatsApp has become the most useful app in the entire world. It is owned by Zuckerberg, who worked on it to make WhatsApp the best android application. WhatsApp updates its features every year to make WhatsApp the best application for everyone. Here I will mention some new updates in WhatsApp that you need to know. 

WhatsApp made huge changes in past years, like adding voice notes, End-to-End encrypting, WhatsApp web, stickers, Group calling, and others. All these updates make the usage of WhatsApp very easy. So now let’s go to the new update of WhatsApp and how you can use them

WhatsApp latest update

When you open WhatsApp, you can see many updates that arrived in 2022. 

  1. Privacy settings on WhatsApp
  • Profile picture setting

There were only 2 options in the past: My contacts, only me, and nobody. But now the WhatsApp team updated it. So now you will see these options while putting privacy on the profile picture.

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • My contacts except…
  • Nobody

In My contacts, you can select the people you do not want to show your profile picture.

Picture credit: Iphone user
  • Last seen privacy setting

WhatsApp also updated its last seen and online setting so you can avoid unnecessary issues.

Who can see my last seen

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • My contacts except…
  • Nobody

Who can see me online?

  • Everyone
  • Same as last seen
picture source: Internet

  • Leave group silently

In the past, whenever you left the group, a line appeared while leaving the line.

XYZ left group

But now, if you put the admin setting so only the admin will get to know about you leaving the group. 

For this, go to WhatsApp group setting>click admin setting and select only admin know while leaving the group.

2. Voice messages updates

  • Hear the voice even after exiting the inbox

If you are listening to any voice note and need to exit the inbox, you can still hear the voice note exiting the inbox at the top of WhatsApp chats. This update is useful if you use WhatsApp for working or business purposes.

  • Pause the recording     

While recording the voice, we have to gather the information, and if you lack words or information you want to transfer to the other person, you can stop the recording and exit WhatsApp. After gathering the information, you can continue the voice note.

  • Draft option

New WhatsApp updates provide you with the draft option for your WhatsApp. You can keep your voice note in the draft, and after confirming, you can send the WhatsApp to your loved one.

  • Voice note speed

Before updates, there was no fast food available on the voice note, but now you can speed up your voice notes up to 2X. Additionally, 3 variants are available 1x, 1.5x, and 2x.

3. Messages updates

Handling groups was more challenging, but now it is easy with many new updates and features.

  • Announcement message

If you are a group admin, you can make an announcement in the group. Through this massage, one can see the message you want a group of persons to see at once.

  •  Delete message by admin

Admin can delete anyone’s massage at any time. So no one can get disturbed by any nonsense massage.

  • Reactions 

Like Instagram and Facebook, you can give reaction to any message you want. Basic 5 reactions are available, and one plus option is given to add more reactions.

  • Audio call

In the new update of WhatsApp, you can call 32 persons at a time on a group call. So it helps you to get communicate with many people at a time. The voice call is also end-to-end encrypted.

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