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Micro Mechanic app

Micro mechanic app

It is an application that checks the engine light. The micro mechanic app works for 1996 and new vehicles. You do not need to put extra effort into understanding its features; instead, an easy-to-use display is ideal for you. Further, you can save yourself from any scam, which workshop workers usually do. Sometimes there are minor issues in your engine, and the workers make it much bigger to earn some money.

This application is made for the customer’s ease so they can examine the car independently. It works on both android and iOS. Your mobile phone needs Bluetooth to connect this application to your mobile phone. This application is made to read the engine code. It contains so many features to help you.

How to use the micro mechanic app

Further, you can easily drive after connecting the application to your mobile phone. It is a safe application, and nothing will happen to your car and smartphone. Connecting the app to your mobile phone while driving will save your mobile from damage. You can examine the condition of your engine, too, while driving.

Features of the micro mechanic app

It is the best and easiest-to-use application with many features to check your engine condition. Here I have mentioned some of the important features you get after installing a Micro mechanic app.

Cost estimate

The best feature you will get after installing a micro mechanic app is when you scan your car into this app, it will show you the current repair price you need to arrange to repair your car. It will show you the price according to your country. Further, it will show you whether you can drive your car or not after measuring all the safety meters. It will also tell you your engine’s main issue so no one can scam you. You will get a complete inspection too.


The scanning feature allows you to scan the complete condition of your car engine. It will tell you why your check engine light is on and all the description of the car’s problem. Just use the push button to check the engine light.

Set schedule

You can also set the schedule for the maintenance of the car. This application allows you to schedule and maintain dates and times according to your car requirements. In addition, you will get notifications and alarms to remind you at a fixed time.

Benefits of installing it

Note: the application is free but contains some specific features which are paid. You can enjoy its free features if you do not want to get paid. These also work perfectly.


Is the Micro mechanic app safe?

Yes, the micro mechanic application is free. Also, you can connect the blur tooth of your mobile to the OBDII port while driving to save time and energy.

Is there another alternative to the micro mechanic app?

Yes, there are some alternatives to micro mechanic apps which are

Torque Pro, Mini OBDII, Dash Command, OBD Auto Doctor, and Carista, but I will always prefer micro mechanic to you due to its amazing features.

Is the micro mechanic app legit?

Many people buy micro mechanic apps online because of their quality work. It is legit, and people use it to view and examine the engine. It saves people from scammers and other frauds.

Bottom line

The Micro Mechanic app is very useful and easy to access. It is user-friendly and travel-friendly too. By pairing it with your car, you can examine the engine. It is an application that checks the engine.

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