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Mercari| Platform Where You Can Sell or Purchase Items

If you are looking for a place to sell or buy anything online, you must consider Mercari. It is a marketplace that provides you with options to sell and buy things internationally. Here you can find your favorite items worldwide and purchase them easily. Further, prices are fixed, so there is no issue of scamming. 

Mercari is the easiest platform to make money online. Further, want to get rid of your old things or want some space? Then, go to mercari, which has huge options for selling your old things.

There are huge platforms that provide you with national selling/purchasing, but very few provide you with international selling and purchasing. Mercari is one of them where you can buy anything from other countries too.

How to Sell Items on Mercari

You can easily sell your items on mercari, so here I have mentioned all details through which you can sell items.

  1. Firstly upload the picture you want to sell. Remember you have to take a good quality picture so your product looks good. As we all know, presentation is the key, so try to impress buyers with your products through their good picture. 

Note: Try to be original and capture the picture in the original lighting.

  • It is important to describe your product, like its category, size, colors, new/used, and all other small details which are important for the buyer to know. Mention the brand name and original product price, so people knee the ordinal price and judge the product according to that.
  • The main and most important part is the compulsory pricing. Firstly go and research the same product you want to sell. Be smart in pricing and keep prices low, so people attract to your product. Try to keep a margin on your product price so people can do bargaining and still you will get the best of yours. List your price and sell according to your ease.

Payment Method In Mercari

After delivering your package, you have to wait some days so the other party can get their package. When they receive the payment, they will give you a 5-star rating and submit your amount using a mercari account.

Here are many methods through which you can withdraw your money; I am listing them below to give you an idea about them.

  • Instant payment 
  • Direct deposit
  • Instant Payment

Instant payment is the safest option because you will get payment urgently, and while transferring, you have to pay 2$ for the instant payment fee. You need your id card and debit card for instant payment.

  • Direct Payment

Direct deposit is also a safe option because you will get direct payment to your account within 5 days. Further, you will have to pay 10 dollars as a direct payment fee. In this payment, you need the account number and routing number.

How to Buy Items on Mercari

Selling and purchasing on mercari is also very easy like you have to keep your product search. For this, search the keyword of your desired items. Here you will get huge options from which you can search. You can also search for new or used items; everything is mentioned under the product. After getting information from you, mercari will notify you about updating your desired products. 

Favorite Item

Once you get what you want, keep this in your favorite item option. After that, you can exit or purchase the desired item.

Review Option

You can check the reviews of the seller before purchasing anything. The review and rating option is for you to take a decision. If you see a 5-star rating, then prefer the seller; otherwise, don’t purchase anything and go for others.

Chat To Seller

After liking the product, you can chat with the seller about the product you want to purchase or not. You can ask your concern and make some bargaining about the price too.

Payment Option

Mercari is famous for giving you so many payment options you can use as PayPal, Apple transfer, and all other payment methods to pay sellers. Once you get your package and are satisfied with the product, pay the seller.

 Shipping options on Mercari

After purchasing, shipping is also important; mercari provides you with various shipping options. Again, you can choose according to your budget and preference. Then, you have to do is to weigh the item you have purchased.

The fees also charge according to the weight, 3 options are there 

  • Prepaid label
  • Ship on your own
  • Mercari packs and ship

Prepaid label

Here you will get 60 percent off on all your shipping compared to other shipping method.

You will get 200$ shipping insurance, track your package, postage rates, and email option

Ship on Your Own

If you are an experienced seller, you should choose to ship on your own.

You can choose any shipping service, choose any price option, and decide the weight.

Mercari Pack and Ship

Mercari provides you with pack and ship options by themselves. You can use their shipping service and pay according to their packages.

Their certified expert will pack your items, and you will get them in the correct and accurate positions.

Bottom line

Mercari is an ideal platform for the selling and buying process. First, you have to choose your favorite or required items. Then, this application will do other things. There are huge platforms that provide you with national selling/purchasing, but very few provide international selling and purchasing. Mercari is one of them where you can buy anything from other countries too.

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