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IQIYI Drama, Anime, Show

If you are a drama lover and want Asian dramas online, you must consider IQIYI Drama, Anime, Show animation apps. This application is famous for broadcasting Asian drama movies and other shows online for your entertainment. Belonging to other languages and cultures, don’t worry about language issues. You will get complete dubbing and subtitles in many languages. Further, you have to choose your comfort language.

IQIYI is very user-friendly and helpful for getting entertained. Also, it is much faster than other drama applications you find online. So, first, watch legal dramas, web series, movies, and other shows online. Then, visit IQIYI for original content.

When IQIYI was found

It was founded in April 2010 by Baidu, a Chinese company. It is also a search engine for dramas or movies in Chinese. Now IQIYI also expands its circle and started streaming dramas from other countries, like in 2021; they will stream south Asian series to promote other dramas too.

You will probably find many other web series on IQIYI and get entertained. Further, in May 2022, they also started streaming football matches from Italy in partnership with ABS-CBN. So, in the future, you will see many collaborations and partnerships with other countries.

Features of IQIYI

IQIYI is a famous Chinese app that provides many series and other movies containing various features. Here I will discuss the most famous and useful features you need to know before using IQIYI.


IQIYI gives you options in many languages like English, Thai, Malay, and many more. You can choose any of them according to your preferences. All these languages will help you to understand the drama more—select language and subtitle both for more clearance.

Many options for dramas

When choosing dramas or web series, you can find any romantic shows in IQIYI. There are more than a hundred shows you can watch. You must select the category between drams, shows, anime, and sports.


Watch and enjoy.

User friendly

Suppose you are tired of complicated interference, then you must consider IQIYI because it will provide you with the easiest way to watch any show. All settings are very easy, and you can change the settings as per your demand. Many users shift to IQIYI just because of the simple and attractive interface.

Downloading option

You can download your favorite and pending shows if you are watching any show and have to stop there or while traveling. Due to the offline option, you can watch the downloaded show anytime, anywhere. You do not need the internet.

HD quality

Shows quality matters a lot, and if the quality is not good, it can decrease your interest too. All shows you will watch on IQIYI contain HD and high quality. The quality will enhance your experience while watching the shows. If you want a quick download or reduce the buffering, you can decrease the quality too.


The history option is also ideal if you want to repeat any show. History will show in the history list, and you can watch that show at any time of day.

Skip adds

You can skip the ad after buying the premium version of IQIYI, but if you do not want to buy the premium one, wait until he adds to complete it in 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, you can skip the ad by yourself.

How to download IQIYI

Yes, you can install the IQIYI from google play tore very easily in a few steps. I have mentioned the steps to install IQIYI – Drama, Anime, Show.

Go to google play store and type IQIYI – Drama, Anime, Show in the search bar. 

Here you will get IQIYI and click on the install option

After installing, you have to provide your email and other details

By completing all signup processes here, you will get your account 

Now you can watch a huge variety of shows online with just one click 

If you want to watch any specific show so, just put the name into the search bar

What difference between Netflix and IQIYI

Many users compare Netflix and IQIYI, but they forget that two different companies operate both of these applications. But still, I will mention some differences between both applications to clarify your decision.

While talking about the IQIYI provides a variety of sows but only after getting a premium version. You will get access to many shows you can watch offline and online. 

On Netflix, you always need a paid account; without a paid account, you can’t get access to any shows and dramas. This is the major difference between both accounts.

Bottom line

IQIYI: Drama, Anime, and Show is a very famous online application. It works offline and online. Download it and watch anything you want, in many languages and subtitles. Watch legal dramas, web series, movies, and other shows online. Visit IQIYI for original content. History will show in the history list, and you can watch that show at any time of day.



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