How to repair laptop speakers

The laptop is a very portable gadget you use in your daily routine. A laptop is a portable laptop. Besides, it is more efficient and powerful than a desktop laptop. Portable laptop systems run off AC strength or batteries. Thus, they have to work for many hours. The laptop has a keyboard, mouse, LCD screen, and speakers. The laptop becomes smaller day by day. But all components of laptops are important to make it a complete package.


Speaker is a part of the laptop that provides a vocal command. It’s a hardware device that provides you with sound. If you have to watch any video or listen to any sound from a laptop speaker is a compulsory part. When the speaker receives an electric entry from a tool, it sends the cutting-edge through, causing it to move from side to side.

The speakers should work to get amazing sound quality, but if your speakers don’t sound good and you want to learn How to repair laptop speakers.

Signs of laptop speaker damage

Pooping sound

Whispering or damn sound

Very low sound

I do not hear any sound.

Bad quality voice

Croaky noise

How to fix your laptop speakers

Many issues cause laptop speaker damage. Before fixing the speaker, you should know the causes of laptop speaker damage.

  •  Your volume system does disturb you
  • The audio device needs a restart
  • Update the audio device of your laptop
  • BIOS needs an update
  • Disable audio upgrades

I have mentioned all causes why speakers stop working. Now I am here to give you some remedy or solution through which you can repair laptop speakers.

Let’s dig into the detail.

How to fix your laptop speakers

You can use headphones:

Sometimes you do confuse either there is the issue of the speaker or video\sound you are playing. You need one set of speakers and plug them into your laptop.


 After plugging, try to play videos to listen to the sound through the speakers.

Disable audio enhancements. Suppose you pay attention to the sound from your headphones.

Troubleshoot sound problem

The built-in Windows sound troubleshooter exams and fix a whole lot of issues. You can solve the problem through your window’s built-in sound. It would be best if you had little time to do that and see the result. For this, you need to follow basic steps.

  • Go to the “sound” icon under the bar of the screen and right-click on the icon.
  • You can see many options, so click on the first one, “Troubleshoot a sound problem.”
  • Here you see “get help”, and you can complete further procedures.

Playback device

Playback devices also create the issue; you must make them right to repair laptop speakers. Sometimes we connect other devices like headphones to our laptops. Your laptop recalls those devices for destiny use.

To check this:

Left click on the “sound” icon of the bar. 

“Speaker’s markers” are written at the then everything is fine, but if there is any other device, click on that, then click your laptop speakers from the menu. Through this, you can repair laptop speakers at home.

Updates required


Like mobile phones, laptops also must update, especially for speakers. For example, suppose your speaker’s drive does outdated and needs an update. Uninstall the old version and install a new one for new features.

Default audio device

  • Go to the audio icon and click right on the icon.
  • Look at the “sound” “option”.
  • Here you will see the window with the “playback” option.
  • Right-click on the playback option; if it is a disabled device
  • Check the “Show Disconnected Devices”.
  • Click right on the “speaker option” and Set it as the “default device”.
  • Now click “apply” and then click on the “ok” option.
  • If your laptop audio system is not operating, it does recommend that you test your default audio device.

Audio enhancement

Audio enhancement can also create problems with your laptop speakers. By disabling this feature, you can repair laptop speakers. I have also performed these steps to repair the speakers.

  • To disable audio enhancement, click on the control panel.
  • Go to “sound”.
  • Click on “sound and hardware”.
  • There you can see the “playback tab”,
  • Right, Click on the “speaker device”.
  • Now open “properties”.
  • And check the “disable all enhancements box”.
  • Updating the audio driver of your laptop can solve the problem. The enhancement tab is compulsory to follow this step.

How to repair laptop speaker at home

Examine for physical troubles also to repair laptop speakers at home. For example, if your audio system doesn’t paint, your hardware can have a physical problem. You should have some experience repairing a laptop, or try to do this with a laptop with a warranty.

Here are a few steps you can follow to repair a laptop speaker at home.

  • Open your laptop. Some laptops provide easy-to-open buttons; through them, you can open your laptop in a few seconds. But if you use old or heavy laptops, they need specific tools to open them. If it’s tough, take your laptop to professionals.
  • After opening the laptop, examine your laptop speaker very.
  • Try to find physical damage like broken speakers, grills, or other physical damage. Look for any symptoms of harm, and attempt to verify what may have caused the harm. For example, it is a sign that your laptop speakers need to do air if you find any damage.
  • Sometimes broken wires also create trouble for speakers; to check this, go to the motherboard. And examine the wire which connects to the speakers. If the wire is unplugged or lost, plug them again to the right spot. Of course, you can also bring your laptop to experts, but it is important to know about the issue your laptop speakers are going through.


Speakers are very important and also need some maintenance. If you have any issues with your speaker and can repair the laptop speaker at home, then do it yourself. But after examining any serious issue, you should take your laptop and give it to any expert for further check. The audio system can be horrific in a manner. You can’t see without problems by searching at them, or there can be a difficulty that is too rare and complicated to deal with at home.

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