How to increase laptop battery life

Things you use in your daily routine require extra care, especially when connected to technology like the laptop. You use laptops daily and take them everywhere due to their portable nature. So it is very important to take all the care of your laptop, so they stay longer with you. One of the main parts of your laptop is its battery; without a battery, your laptop is nothing but a desktop pc that you can use with a direct connection to switch.


Batteries also depend on the brand like if you take a laptop of any good brand, they will provide you with 10 hours plus battery timing. But some low-quality laptops provide 4 to 6 hours of battery timing. So by negligence, you can destroy good battery timing too. 

How to keep a laptop battery healthy

It is very important to give your care to the increased laptop battery life, but how?

Please don’t get confused because here I am!

 In this article, I will give you various tips to increase the health life of your battery that will automatically increase your laptop’s life.

Charging procedure 

Many of us charge our laptop after it gets diet or charging reaches 10 or less than that. But you know it will damage the health of your laptop battery. Keep track in mind. Charge your battery when 50 percent charging is left. Through this, there will be no extra pressure on your battery. Next, turn on the battery percentage; through this, you can see how much charge your laptop does leave with.

  • Go to setting 
  • Open battery setting 
  • Here you can see the percentage of your battery 

It will help you to save the battery of your laptop

Decrease the brightness of display:

A major factor in reducing battery is brightness. Therefore, you can decrease the brightness of the display. 

  • Go to display setting in the setting of your laptop.
  • Here is a bar of brightness and color.
  • Here you can reduce the brightness.
  • It will also tell you how much brightness is enough for you to use a laptop.

Applications for battery analyzing

While within the manage panel, look at your battery’s health. It should be proper under ‘Power Options’ in ‘Power Manager.’ You also can use different programs along with BatteryInfoView, BatteryCare, and BatteryMon to assist in maintaining an eye on battery fitness.

Avoid from sunlight

Sunlight can damage very badly to the battery of your laptop. Avoid using a laptop in the heat or sunlight. Besides heat-associated damage, direct sunlight (UV radiation) can harm monitors, specifically older LCD monitors. Short exposure durations are nice, but long exposure ought to be averted. Plus, daylight reasons glare on screens, which may be greater straining on your eyes. Sit down within the color if you plan to work out in the sparkling air.

Take your battery out.

An average computer battery has approximately 500-700 fee cycles (one cycle includes one spherical of complete fee and discharge). You can check what number of cycles your battery has long past via. Your battery is wholesome if you’ve got a low cycle to depend on.

Download less application

If you are using multiple applications or have downloaded applications that take a lot of space, your battery is in danger. 

  • The open setting from the window
  • Here you can see battery usage per application, which means it is a platform where you can see the percentage of battery used by the application. 
  • In this, you can choose when the app can run in the background.  

Extra devices

The laptop has a mouse, keyboard, and all its ports. You can use an extra mouse and keyboard, but these devices will take an extra battery. So if you are not using them, turn them off to save the battery’s health. 

Background wallpaper

We all love to use customized wallpaper which reflects our personality, but we always forget that this wallpaper takes more battery than usual. So instead, use wallpaper provided by developers. Or you can use black wallpaper to increase laptop battery life.

  • Open setting 
  • Go to personalization 
  • Choose the background option and paint them black
How to check laptop battery health

Laptop battery health depends on the way you use a laptop. You can check battery health by using this simple procedure.

  • Go to “talk to Cortina” and right-click on it. 
  • You can see one option in the name of “window powershell.”
  • A blue window will appear on your screen.
  • Type powercfg /battery report /output “C:\battery-report.HTML” 
  • Press “Enter,” and here you can see the report of your battery health
  • In the window search bar, type “This PC.”
  • You will see “Devices and drives” header, click on the C power.
  • Find the battery-document. 
  • Html document and click on it.

It will open up the power Shell program’s battery file so you can study it. In this file, you could view the specs of your PC’s battery, each time it changed into these days used inside the closing 3 days, anticipated average battery existence based totally on previous battery drains, and different information.

How to increase the battery life of the dell laptop

Dell is a very famous brand for providing the best quality laptop. You can find almost all types of laptops in every range. Here you are to learn how to increase the battery life of the dell laptop. Let’s dig into the detail.

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Try to use a lightweight application 
  • Remove all open or extra software
  • Disconnect all external devices
  • Dot turns WI-FI or Bluetooth on if you do not want to use them
  • Don’t put the laptop on charging for more than 3 hours
  • Use less brightness 
  • Don’t use a customized screen saver
Bottom line

Laptop complete the lasting task in little time. But it would be best to remember that only a healthy laptop can help you do your work. You have to do some precautions to maintain the health of the battery. It will not only increase your laptop’s life but also not affect your work. You can attempt all the key points I have mentioned and use them to increase laptop battery life.

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