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How to earn from android applications

Sitting at home, it is not easy to earn money, but the internet provides many options to earn money online. The best way to earn money online is through android applications. In addition, you do not need to invest here, but you can earn money easily. Therefore, it is very important to focus on the right apps to earn from android apps. 

Here I have mentioned some applications which will help you to earn money by just downloading them.

  1. Survey junkie
  2. Sweatcoin
  3. Mistplay game app
  4. TopCashback
  5. Acorns
  6. Inbox Dollars
  7. Swagbucks
  8. Fetch rewards

Survey junkie

Survey junkie is an amazing android app for earning money. Moreover, you can observe by its name that this application depends on the survey. Further, earn money daily by just doing some surveys. Like you have to fill out some forms for various surveys, and many actions also help you earn money. Here you earn money in the form of coins. Further, you can shift these amounts in the form of money.

Survey junkie gives you many options to transfer your money; for example

Additionally, you have to just install this application from your play store and complete some signup, and here you go. Earn money and enjoy!

Click here and download survey junkie



We often fail to get the motivation to stay fit and active, but if I tell you that you can earn money and stay active same time. Yes! I have brought you one android application in the name of sweatcoin. Further, sweatcoin work as a digital currency to keep you motivated.

Whenever you walk and your mobile gets moved, you get 1 sweatcoin(SWC) after completing 1000 steps. Running and walking are included; you just have to complete 1000 steps anyway. Also, you can use these coins or can redeem them to purchase various items on

Click here and download sweatcoin


Mistplay game app

If you want to earn money by just playing games, here is one game named mistplay game app. This application is famous for playing and earning both. Many levels and hurdles are given in this application to get money. In addition, you have to clear all these levels and get money as a bonus or just bonus points like in other similar games. But what is different about the display is you can redeem these points as money.

Click here and download mistplay game app



We do almost online shopping every week, and after covid, many of us make online shopping a habit. In online shopping, you can easily get everything at your doorstep, and you do not need to visit markets and malls. Topcashback is an android app where you get many stores for online shopping where you can buy anything related to every step of your life. 

Likewise, Topcashback is a unique app where you can do the shopping and get cash back for every item you buy. Yes, you heard it right; every store provides a specific offer of cash back using TopCashback. Otherwise, this money can be transferred to your bank directly, and you can buy items available in-store as gift cards and others.

  • Amazon shopping

Click here and download TopCashback



Many people nowadays earn from investment. Here you need little money and earn money regularly. Two types of investment you get while doing investment on corns. Further, it is easier to earn from android apps.

You need a strong portfolio on Acorns because you have to do both saving and investing. In this android app, just put some amount into your wallet and put an amount on the right side. What you can use. If you are new to investing or a beginner, you should invest by using the Acorns.

Click here and download Acorns


Inbox dollars

You perform many activities online, like playing games, reading emails, and other activities. All these activities are an important part of your daily core. Further, you got a man by doing this all work. Yes, you just have to install the application from the google play store and sign up with some simple steps. 

Many people are using Inbox Dollar worldwide to earn money by doing nothing. What you have to do is to play games and read emails. Every activity has different packages according to this work. 

Most of the sports you accomplish pay in between the range of $zero.02 to $5.00. You can coin out your earnings as long as you reach the cash-out threshold of $30; however, take note there’s a cash-out fee of a further $3.

Click here and download Inbox dollars



If I would say you get money by watching videos and testing products, you have to download the android application that is Swagbucks. Then, you get gift coins and cards that you can use on Amazon and other platforms. You can also use these coins by transferring them to PayPal and a bank too. 

Although, you can earn up to 35 dollars after some time. Further, you just need a mobile phone and internet to install Swagbucks. Watch videos and all other things on this app to earn money. Thus, you can easily earn from android apps.

Click here and download Swagbucks


Fetch rewards

Fetch reward is a famous application for providing rewards in the shape of points. Generally, you shop from any app, and they provide specific discounts and rewards but fetch reward is famous for its huge variety. Further, you can shop from any brand and can eat at any restaurant; you just have to send the receipt of your bills to the app and get rewards. In addition, you can use these rewards and earn money easily. 

Click here and download Fetch rewards


Further, you can transfer the money to PayPal and any bank account. And use these for all.

Bottom line

It was tough to earn without any skill in the past, but today you can earn with only the internet and mobile in your hand. Above I have mentioned some applications that will help you earn money online. You just have to download this application into your android phone to earn money. Here you can learn how to earn from android apps.

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