How to clean your laptop keyboard safely

The laptop is a basic need for our daily life. We use laptops regularly for many purposes like entertainment, work, and others. But, unfortunately, we eat and complete our work, meaning the laptop’s keyboard is very dirty.


According to experts, our keyboard contains more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is an alarming situation for you if your laptop condition is bad.

Don’t worry; I am here to guide you! Here you will get how to clean hp laptops or all other laptop keyboards.

Why do laptop keyboards get dirty?

The keys that are shinier from the oils to your arms, your keyboard is a multitude. Cleaning it’ll make your keyboard more attractive and help remove microorganisms and germs that have located their way onto the surface.

You are at the office or work and use a laptop while eating or drinking. Unfortunately, all these things may spill on the keyboard of your laptop. It will make the keyboard dirty or sticky. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid all this, but one thing you can do is to clean the keyboard and your laptop.

How to clean your laptop keyboard

  • Cleaning through material
  • Cleaning through layout removing

Let’s continue with the cleaning process

  • Firstly remove your laptop plug-in like if you put your laptop on charging, remove it from charging.
  • Now flip your laptop toward the downside. It will remove all big chunks from the keyboard.
  • All dirt will also fall with this procedure. Further, it takes very little time to do.

Cleaning through material

You can clean your laptop through various materials. All the materials you can find on the market. Some of them you may have at home.

  • Cotton wipes
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Brush

Cotton wipes

You can usually find cotton wipes on the market. They are already wet with some specific liquid or gel. The softness of wipes will not damage your laptop keyboard. Also, there is no extra water.

Turn off your laptop and remove all sticky keys from cotton wipes. If there is any drib stick on the key, it will remove all dribs too.

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the best option because it reduces the chance of damaging the laptop. But try to avoid big vacuum cleaners. Instead, you can find small cleaners for little tasks.

Bacteria make laptop keyboards very dirty and unhygienic. Alcohol is a good liquid that removes bacteria. For this purpose, you should remove keys from your keyboard. But, if the keys are fixed, you can do the cleaning yourself.

Rubbing alcohol

  • Dip the cloth into alcohol and start rubbing it on your laptop keyboard. Don’t soak extra. Do a little and rub all keys, cruiser board, and screen.
  • Wipe all keyboard surfaces down — buttons, keys, cowl — and allow it to dry earlier than plugging it in or turning it on.


There are many brushes available on the market for many purposes. One thing is to keep in mind that brushes can’t clean little or small dirt. Instead, it is used to clean the big dirt from your laptop like chips, popcorn, and other items.

Microfiber cloth

Take a lint-free microfiber cloth to clean the laptop keyboard. You can remove liquid or any dirt from the keyboard. If you can remove keys, do that; otherwise, clean with the keys.

How to clean keyboard under keys

Some laptops can remove their keys. This is very helpful in cleaning all the keys and board of the laptop.

I will guide you on how you can do that:

  • UNplug laptop from any electricity
  • Turn off laptop
  • Click the picture of the alignment of keys on the keyboard
  • Flip the keyboard and remove keys by using any spatula
  • Clean the entire surface with a microfiber cloth or wet wipes.
  • Wait 1 day to dry the area.
  • After 1 day, place all the keys by focusing on the picture you clicked before
What you should not use for cleaning a keyboard?

Above, I have mentioned all the tips and keys you can use for cleaning the laptop. Now I am going to mention some tips you should avoid.

  • Avoid water spray on the keyboard because water will get stuck inside the keys.
  • Don’t clean laptop with ay rough fabric or cloth it will damage the keys
  • Please avoid using any hard light or even sunlight on the keyboard because it will burn the wires of the laptop
  • Don’t use bleach or hard material on the cleaning of laptop keyboard
Bottom line

The keyboard is an essential part of any laptop; you can avoid using a mouse but can’t avoid the laptop. When you touch the keyboard containing germs, it will also damage your health. It will also reduce your laptop’s life. Try to keep your laptop clean to enjoy working on your laptop.

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