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 We all are busy in our lives by spending our time on daily work. However, we don’t realize how much stress we take in our daily routine. As a result, we got mentally tired daily but didn’t pay attention. It is the cause why weight gain and anxiety attacks are so common in all of us.

Fitness is very important, also two types of fitness you usually see.

ü  Physical fitness

ü  Mental Fitness

Both are important to make a body healthy.

Bad health will damage our health and reduce the energy we spend in our daily lives. There are many diet plans and exercise you will see online. Also, various gyms provide you packages to attract you to their working station. 

These gyms will not only take a huge amount from your income but also don’t leave much effect on your body. One of the best ways you can adopt is Yoga to decrease all stress and extra weight from your body.


Yoga offers physical and intellectual fitness blessings for humans of every age.  Yoga can become a quintessential part of your treatment and hasten restoration.

Benefits of Yoga

  1.  If you have back pain, Yoga will decrease it, and your body will feel more stretchable.
  2. Yoga daily will increase the blood flow in your body, which is best for a Good and healthy heart.
  3. Research indicates that bedtime yoga lets you get into the right mindset.
  4. It will resolve your autocratic issues if you have them.
  5. Yoga is best for pregnant women because pregnant women can’t pull heavy weight.
  6. Yoga can suggest greater power and brighter moods for you.
  7. Proof shows that Yoga helps strain management, mental health, and mindfulness. It also wholesome ingesting, weight reduction, and high-quality sleep.
  8. Participating in yoga classes can reduce loneliness. It also offers an environment for institutional healing. 

Hatha yoga Application

Everybody knows about Yoga. Its super popular and a respectable workout for folks who don’t like weights or running. Besides, you can do it at home with the right video practice, and the device isn’t high-priced for novices. Yet, getting into Yoga is quite tough.

Hatha yoga is all in one platform where you can get all yoga poses and exercise to make you active and fit. It is an android application for beginners who are unaware of Yoga and its benefits of Yoga you can get. We’ve blended and decided on the most effective, time-examined asanas & poses for each day of training at domestic. 

Plans provided by the Hatha yoga app

hile the fairly-rated app is in particular design that will help you with your flexibility, it has many other high-quality features. For example, you can set up a yoga plan anywhere from 5 days to 6 weeks. You can even additionally bop alongside some v stable Spotify playlists.

12-week plans do also provided; all are different according to the weeks and timing.

3 plans are:

1. Yoga basics: 

14 days plan

2. Daily Yoga: 

21 days plan

3. Strength and flexibility plan: 

28 days plan

  1. If you are a health freak but can’t do heavy workouts, then Yoga is a must for you. It is the oldest version of a workout, but many consider it meditation.
  2. It helps you lose weight and increase your stamina, strength, and flexibility. So even this is the best exercise doctors suggest for a pregnant woman.
  3. It helps them to relax and release anxiety, which is a must for a baby’s healthy growth. Too, Yoga helps women balance their weight and strength so they may deliver a healthy baby.
  4. Now there is a basic point you might raise. How can all the women or men access the Yoga instructor as they usually charge too much? So here is the solution.

We have launched the Hatha yoga app, which you can access with your android. Opening the app will show you all the features to make it personalized for you.

First, you need to choose your gender. 

In the second step, you need to choose your reason or goal like

4. Learn Yoga

5. Increase flexibility

6. Weight loss

7. Body health

8. Calm down

For the next step, you need to choose a weight measurement unit in kgs or lbs.

Then there are 3 major levels.

ü  Beginners

ü  Medium

ü  Expert

  1. You can choose as per your requirements, like if I select beginners.
  2. You will see a calendar to keep your Yoga on track by giving you daily tasks.
  3. Like if you do the Tree position, it helps you keep a balance of your body and make it more flexible.
  4. The mountain pose helps to strengthen your arms and legs. It also helps knee muscles to be stronger.
  5. The warrior pose increases the strength of your legs and arms and helps reduce weight.
  6. The snake position strengthens your backbone. So if you do a lot of office work or have backache, you should do this pose.
  7. The steadiness is the pose to strengthen your upper legs.
  8. The triangle pose is the one to tone your love handles and make them more flexible.
  9. Happy slopes strengthen your stomach muscles and increase your breathing quality.
  10. Cat position is what you should do to increase your breathing.
  11. The swing is the position to tone your lower back and is a must for pregnant women.

Bottom line

It’s a splendid app due to its diverse features and homes. Very wealthy in content material, and you can alter the entirety. This app might be exquisite even for greater experienced humans. You may change the startup sound. My husband & I have been the use of it every day, and it is providing lots of giggles. We are already starting to see less of every other after most effective one week. Also, you can look ahead to our first-rate disappearing journey together. Advocate for everyone with low stages of fitness or power. The default placing is very potential even on my worst fibro days.

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