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Fiverr-Freelance Service| A Platform To Get Online Work

If you want to earn at home or spend your free time earning some money, then you must go for freelancing. Today I have brought one amazing android application through which you can earn money online according to your skills. Fiverr-freelance service is the one which you can use to earn money. You do not need to do anything extra instead, select your skill and earn money. Here I will tell you some testicles you can use to do online freelancing.

Introduction to Fiverr 

Fiverr is a platform that provides you the option to sell or buy anything on it. You can see both accounts, Seller or buyer, according to your requirements. Here you will pay for the service you want and get money for the service you provide to buyers. Here Gigs and services work. You do not need to pay the amount to make an account on Fiverr; sign-u is free. There are more than 500 categories available, so choose any of them.

Fiverr work differently for both Seller and buyer. So here I will mention all the details according to that.

Fiverr as buyer

As a buyer, Fiverr works separately, so here are all the guides buyers need to understand before buying any services on Fiverr-Freelance service.

  1. Decide the skill you want to buy

Before buying, firstly, you have to decide which service you want to buy online on Fiverr. Yes, it is an important first step. 500 services are available on Fiverr-Freelance service, so you must choose and then prefer the other steps. Finally, you have to write the service in the search bar. Fiverr has a homepage for your help to search for anything you want.

2. Search the Gig on Fiverr

Fiverr is famous for Gigs and other services. So you have to go to the homepage and write in the search bar. After searching for the desired service, you will get various Gigs; all these Gigs will explain the service seller will provide you. There you can also see the pricing seller is providing. You will also see the reviews and another rating of the Seller given by the buyer. 

Gigs on Fiverr

If you want the design of a T-shirt, you should search for a textile designer or adobe expert; after searching for Gigs, you should choose the right freelancer. When you have done all these things, directly give an order to the Seller after communicating with them. Also, guide the Seller about the details of the project.

3. Communication with Seller

Communication is also an important step for both the Seller and the buyer. It will give you the option to briefly describe the project you want the Seller to complete, but it is not compulsory. Many buyers just give a project after seeing the Gigs or the budget, but if you have specific terms and conditions, you should use the communication process. Do your best to get the best result.

4. Getting the service done

After waiting for a specific time, you will get your work done. Then, the Seller will send you the project in the form of your required file. Next, you can download the file and review it. If the work satisfies you, you can give a good review and complete the payment to the Seller. Further, you need extra revision so you can be asked to the Seller. 

5. Payment method for buyer

The payment method is also very easier. However, you need to follow some steps to give payment to the Seller. Further, Fiverr-Freelance service will cut 5.5 percent of your payment if you are a buyer and you need to clear the Seller’s payment within 2 weeks. 

You can send payment to the Seller’s account. Try to avoid late payments to save yourself from any dispute.

Importance of Fiverr as a buyer

Fiverr is very important as a buyer, as you will get your work online

  1. You do not need to interview all; instead, just select the Gig
  2. Moreover, you can do online payments easily with just one click
  3. You can make revisions again and again until you get your perfect work
  4. Communication is also there to help you to get your required work done to save yourself from any disturbance
  5. If you want a revision, do tell to your Seller to get complete service

Fiverr as Seller

Fiverr is an amazing platform to provide work to all online. It relieves you to work harder, and you will get the payment. You just need to make interesting and attractive Gigs. Your Gig will play a vital role in getting orders. 

Mention all details in your Gig and wait for the buyer’s reply. Your Gigs must describe the services you are providing in specific money and time. Try to get a positive response so other buyers will attract to your profile. 

Keep some margin, too, in your work.

Gigs for best service

Gigs are very important, and you need to create them with complete care because you will get work or not. It all depends on your Gigs. You should focus on the top creator to get some ideas. 

Let’s dig into it and understand how you can create Gigs on Fiverr

  • First, select the service you want to provide to buyers, a then make Gigs according to that. In my opinion, you need to focus on your skills to make the perfect Gig. Start your Gigs with I will, and I am like that. 
  • Select a category and start making Gig. First, you need to mention the price you are charging for a specific time. Next, you have to mention the time you will take to research and how much time you will provide the project. If you are a content writer, mention your per-hour rate, including the research time. 
  • If you are a beginner, try to keep the price as low as possible. Because people usually prefer experienced people. If you keep your Gig interesting and at a low price, then you will get work faster.
  • Good to give some offers to your Gigs. Also, make a FAQ section so people can get the answer to questions they have about your Gigs.
Payment method for Seller

The Seller will have to pay 20 percent to Fiverr-Freelance service after getting payment from the buyer. Therefore, it is important to select the payment according to that. You will get your payment in 2 weeks. Further, you can use this payment method to withdraw your payment.

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer 

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