Cell Phone Repair Stores in Houston Explaining Device Water Damage

Gadget users should understand that the most difficult issue a device can face is water damage. Experts providing cell phone repair in Houston suggest this because water can penetrate deep into the device and damage the working mechanism and parts. This article will focus on the clues of water damage and tips on minimizing the damage.

Stores Providing Cell Phone Repair in Houston Fixing Water Damage

An important question that device users frequently ask is why mechanics at a repair store gives priority to gadgets damaged by water. The reason for this hurriedness is that liquids can easily reach the deepest corner of the device and might damage it permanently. It is vital to ask if the repair store is providing repair services for water damage.

How to Know the Gadget has been Damaged by Water?

Although the gadget will be damaged when it is dropped in the water, humidity in the air might often develop moisture in the device. Or you could spill liquids on your device that could reach the inside. Sometimes you clean the device, but it might be too late, and it has been damaged. Following are the signs to know if your device has been damaged by water.

The Presence of Dampness on the Screen

You often clean and dry the device, but you notice the dampness on the gadget’s screen. This moisture can be only under the protective cover or inside the screen. So, cell phone users should remove the screen cover and clean the screen. If the water droplets are still visible, then this means that moisture has reached inside, and you must take the device to a store for Android or iPhone Repair in Houston.

Is the Device Charging Properly?

Checking if the device is charging properly can be done by the user. First, users must ensure that the device has been dried properly. Second, connect the charger and check. Sometimes the device is charging properly, but still, it can’t turn on. This means that the technicians at repair stores must look into signs. But normally, the device will not charge because water has reached the battery through the charging port.

Examining the Liquid Damage Indicator

Often gadget owners can find the Liquid Damage Indicator in the SIM and memory card slot. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find it. So, clients might have to take the device to a repair shop like MacN’Droid to check if the strip color has changed from white to red, purple, or orange. This strip can also be present in the battery casing in older devices.

How to Minimize the Water Damage on the Device?

The professionals providing services like iPad Repair in Houston also must suggest tips to help clients minimize the water damage to the device. The important information from experts includes the following.

Switch the Gadget off Immediately

Device users should remove the gadget from the water or where liquid has spilled. The next step to take is to switch off the devices. This will save the gadget from further damage and make Samsung Repair Services easy.

Take out all Accessories to be Safe

After removing the device from the water and switching it off, gadget owners must remove all accessories, including SIM cards, memory cards, batteries, headphones, screen protectors, and mobile covers.

Drying the Devices is Also Important

You might have read about using raw rice for drying the moisture. It would help if you didn’t believe it because it will only affect the outer casing, not the inside. You can use other things like dry sponges, cotton cloth, and towels.

Do Not Keep the Device in the Sun

The reason for not keeping the device in the sum despite being wet is that it will heat up and damage the internal connections.

Gadget users should know the clues indicating water damage, tips to reduce the effects of the damage and know which kind of cell phone repair in Houston will be applicable.

Here are three questions that will help you understand device water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a phone need to dry?

The time for drying the device depends on the following;

1.   The kind of device

2.   For how long was the water left in the water?

3.   If the device was dried immediately or if you waited.

The average time for proper drying can be between two hours to a couple of days.

What are the signs of water damage on a phone?

When you take the device for cell phone repair in Houston, the technician will look at the following signs of water damage.

1.   The presence of water droplets on the screen.

2.   The liquid damage indicator has changed color.

3.   The device is unable to charge and can’t switch on.

Can phones with water damage be fixed?

The gadget can be saved from water damage if the owners will immediately take the device to a shop for repairs.

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