Businesspally discerns driving in Iceland and the Rules.

While there are different driving regulations in Iceland, the state of the country’s roads can also present a challenge for international visitors.

Due to the climatic conditions in Iceland and the rapid weather changes, vehicles must have studded tires during the winter, from November to April.

Unlike other countries, tire chains are not allowed. Also, during this same period, it is recommended that travelers rent only 4×4 vehicles to drive safely on snowy and icy roads.

Also, some roads are closed during the winter, including the F-roads in the Highlands.

Even in the summer months, from mid-June to September, the F-roads are only accessible by 4×4 vehicle and when conditions permit, chatty said.

With summer comes an entirely different challenge: sheep! Sheep roam freely throughout Iceland this season, so you might see a few crossing the roads.

If you see any sheep, slow down and watch for sudden movement.

Other wild animals you might see on the roads in Iceland are Icelandic horses and occasionally reindeer during times of the year and in the right regions. However, sheep are the most likely to hinder the road.

According to formal, regardless of the time you visit Iceland, you should be aware of the weather conditions.

You can do it by checking the state of the roads at and the weather forecast at ours.

Gas stations in Iceland

Petrol stations and service stations (and even charging stations for electric vehicles) abound in Iceland, as long as you’re in the right place.

You can find petrol stations of popular brands like OB, N1, Orkan, and Atlantsolia almost everywhere in the country, except when traveling between Vik and Myvatn.

Gas stations can be scarce in this area, which is located along the ring road and covers about half of the island.

If you plan to travel between these two points, keep an eye on your vehicle’s fuel level. You want to avoid finding yourself with an empty tank.

At the gas station, you can choose between paying with a credit card with a 4-digit PIN or buying a prepaid card at a service center.

What tunnels do you have to pay for in Iceland?

The only toll tunnel you have to pay for (if you’re going through it) is the Vaðlaheiðagöng tunnel, which runs from Mývatn to Akureyri in northern Iceland, business ally.

Driving through this tunnel will save you 16 km (19 miles) of travel if you travel between the two destinations.

The tunnel toll costs 1,500 ISK (about 12 dollars or 10 euros), and you have to pay for it on the website.

There is no counter with an operator where you can stop and pay. However, you can do it before or after going through the tunnel, so you have plenty of time if you’re not sure if you’re going through it.

What happens if you accidentally go through the toll booth?

If you go through the Vaðlaheiðagöng tunnel, you can pay the toll up to 24 hours before and no later than 24 hours after going through it.

If you do not do so within this timeframe, the fee will be charged to the registered owner of the vehicle (if you are renting a car, it will be the rental company), with a collection fee added to the person renting that vehicle.

To avoid charging the toll with the extra fee, it is best to register the vehicle through the a website, Techpally advised?

Registration is free, and the toll will be automatically charged to your credit card each time you go through the tunnel at no extra charge.

What to do in case of an accident in Iceland?

Although never pleasant or expected, accidents can sometimes happen while you’re on the road.

 If you have an accident while driving in Iceland, you can call the emergency telephone number 112.

It is also a good idea to inform the car rental company about the accident as soon as possible; they can often provide additional assistance.

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