Bodhi Ransom Green Famous Celebrity Kid

bodhi ransom green is not a celebrity but a kid of celebrities. He belongs to Brian Austin and Megan Fox. These celebrities belong to the Americans. That’s why green is so famous in America. Also, he is not only famous in America, but he is famous in other countries too. He always wanted himself away from the industry’s limelight, but as a kid of celebrities, the media always ran behind him.
He does raise in his own country, America, and his city is Los Angeles. He is a very famous 8 years old star kid who is very small but still so famous.

Family of Bodhi Ransom Green

As we know, Bodhi Ransom Green is the son of celebrities Brian Austin and Megan Fox. He looks like his mother, Megan. Also, you can see all his pictures on Megan Fox’s Instagram account. Further, Megan follows Buddhism, and he chooses the name of his son Bodhi Ransom Green which means awakens. You will find very little about him in the media, like his appearances and others. He is very little due to this; his parents keep him away from the media and the limelight. They think he needs to do much in life and he should make his name by himself. They are very proud parents and want to make their son a symbol of pride for them too.

Birth and life of Megan Fox’s son

Megan and Brian met on the set of Hope and Faith in 2004. They both fall in love at first sight. Brian already had a son from his first wife. They pursued their relationship and got engaged in 2006, but due to many differences, they ended their relationship in the same year. Both work on their relationship and take some breaks. After they broke up, they got together and married each other in June 2010. After their marriage, Megan Got pregnant and welcomed their baby in 2014, but they didn’t disclose their son in the same year or even the next year. They always maintain their kid’s privacy, and in May 2014, she introduced his son to the media and the public. People love Bodhi Ransom. His parents always complain about the lack of privacy in the media. They want to keep their kid away from the spotlight, and they have the right to do that.
Appearance and physical features
Bodhi Ransom is just 24kgs, and his height is 3 Ft, 7 inches. With blond hair and blue eyes, he is the cutest kid of any celebrity.

Siblings and grandparents of the boy

Bodhi Ransom is a. famous kid who was born in February 2014. He has a younger brother named Journey River Green. who was born in 2012. His older brother and stepbrother were born in March 2002. His grandparents are Franklin Thomas Fox, Gloria Darlene Fox, Joyce Green, and George Green. His personal life, education, and other information are very secrets, and his parents keep all of them private so they can concentrate on his upbringing and good education. They prevent their kid from bad light to save him.

Interesting facts about him

  • Bodhi’s name does suggest by his mother, Megan Fox.
  • He is just 8 years old, and his star is zedicon
  • His mother and father are both artists
  • His mother is an actor, and she started her career in 2001
  • He has 3 siblings, all are brothers, and one of them is a stepbrother from Brian’s first wife
  • You can see his pictures on Megan Fox’s account; he doesn’t have his own personal account.
  • He is very famous among the youth
  • people love to see him on social media

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